Joining @secretaryacosta @arstatechamber to discuss apprenticeships & #USMCA to help grow jobs for our workforce & help #Arkansas compete globally.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad! I love you. Found this awesome pic of my 2 year old dad with his father in 1938. #HappyFathersDay to all the Fathers out there!

Happy 183rd birthday to #TheNaturalState! In 1836 this #LandofOpportunity became the 25th state in the Union. I am proud of #Arkansas & I’m honored to serve all Arkansans. #Arkansasbday #arpx

I wish all the @MissArkansas contestants the very best tonight, especially @MissGLRMetro Taryn Bewley who is one of the summer interns in my office!

Nothing better than a #BradleyCounty tomato, & the Pink Tomato Festival & luncheon is great #ArkansasTradition! Always good to see so many continuing this tradition. #INeedaBLPT (bacon lettuce pink tomato)

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