@damfar2323 @AsaHutchinson I'm a 30-year ex smoker... My chest x-rays we're absolutely horrendous 10 years ago. One year after I stopped smoking and started vaping my doctor said I regained all of my lung capacity and could hardly tell that I even smoked?! 9 years later no change. Thoughts?!

When I took office in 2015, our child-welfare and foster-care system was in urgent need of improvement. In this week's radio address, I discuss the tremendous progress we've made on behalf of the children of Arkansas. https://t.co/CmIBkCUaIR

I got to know Congressman Elijah Cummings during the time we served together in the House. We did not agree on all the issues but he was a dedicated public servant who I respected and appreciated. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Today I met Troopers from around the State of Arkansas and got to train with the @ARStatePolice on its new driving track. What a ride! I appreciate our state's law enforcement officers for protecting and serving Arkansans each day.

Today I helped kick off Arkansas Farm to School Month with the Arkansas Agriculture Department. Farm to school programs are vital in connecting our state's growers and food producers to schools to improve student nutrition and access to healthy food. https://t.co/cOokeD1egv

On National Farmers Day, the State of Arkansas recognizes the vital contributions of farmers, ranchers, and foresters to our state and our nation through conservation efforts and community leadership. Thank you for all you do!

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